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CALVIN KLEIN 36200806010 Backpack in Black 背包 *ReadyStock现货

RM 429.00
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Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Malaysia Calvin Klein 马来西亚 US Procurement US 代购 CALVIN KLEIN Women‘s Bag CALVIN KLEIN Bag CALVIN KLEIN Backpack CALVIN KLEIN 背包 CALVIN KLEIN 大背包 CK CK Malaysia CK 马来西亚 CK Women‘s Bag CK Bag CK Backpack CK 背包 CK 大背包 CALVIN KLEIN 36200806010 CK 36200806010

Due to limited ready stock and concurrent orders through FB/IG,
please click here to WhatsApp us and confirm availability.

肩带设计对肩膀友好 舒适好背~
两侧口袋:可放雨伞 / 水瓶

CALVIN KLEIN 36200806010 Backpack in Black 背包

  • SIZE: Approximately H 42 x L 32 cm

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